While there is much detritus on the Internet, the following list consists of links that either somehow connect with Last Burning Embers or are worthy of your perusal if you're at all interested in our sound.  Many more to come shortly.

EDP: Emotionally Disturbed Persons, the rhythmically busy mod-punk outfit in which LBE's David Burokas plays bass.  They're regulars on the New York club circuit and have a new LP almost ready to go.  Bonafide rock action at its finest!

Non-Linear Thinkers: Newark, NJ, high school kids who play rousing punk and post-punk as taught to them by their teacher, LBE's David Burokas.  They've a new CD out now.

The Big Takeover: LBE's very own drummer Jack Rabid has published the finest American rock magazine, covering "music with heart", for 20 years.

Springhouse: Jack Rabid's former outfit who released two LP's of urban dreampop in the late 80's/early 90's.

Alyssa Scheinson: Explore the work of this BIG TAKEOVER and Last Burning Embers photographer, including live shots of Tobin Sprout, Idaho, Wheat, and many others.  Believe us when we say that she does remarkable work.

Redeye: The exclusive distributor of LBE's new LP, as well as numerous other excellent titles.

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