ORDERING INFORMATION: LBE CD's and t-shirts are available most easily via credit card on the Internet  at THE PINK FROST RECORDS STORE (this is a secure site, so shoppers need not fear, and of course your privacy is guaranteed), at gigs, or via mail in the United States (international customers should e-mail the webmaster--link is below--for international postal rates) from Last Burning Embers, 249 Eldridge Street, #14, New York, NY, 10002-1345.  Please make all checks and money orders payable to "Jack Rabid".

THE NEW FULL-LENGTH CD!  Nearly an hour's worth of expansive, burning rock 'n roll that paints a vast swath of sound, from volatile to lush.  Available online and postage-paid for $13 from the Pink Frost Records store.  Beautiful artwork and a vast lyric sheet included.  See the sounds page for MP3's.






Last Burning Embers debut three-song CD, "Distress Call" (the first version--different from the LESSONS IN REDEMPTION rendition) b/w "Comfort In Misery" and "Cafe Radical", available for $6 postage-paid (US).  





Last Burning Embers t-shirts are now available.  These  (quite roughly pictured to the right) are the old design, granite gray in color with "Last Burning Embers" written on the front and the now-defunct "LBE"  flaming logo on the left sleeve, both in burnt orange.  Sizes are large or extra-large, and price is $10 postage-paid (US).




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