Band members for Last Burning Embers on all recordings are: David Burokas (guitars, lead and backing vocals), Thomas Burke (bass guitars), and Jack Rabid (drums, backing vocals).  The current live band is David Burokas and Jack Rabid, with an evolving live line-up on bass and second guitar.  The band is in the process of getting permanent replacements. 

Thanks to the kind people who have pointed out the errors in the biography of Last Burning Embers at numerous sites (namely and the sites that use its content like,, etc.).  For starters, LBE formed in late 1998, not 1996, and were not called Warship Grey (which is an entirely different band), as these sites mistakenly state.  Our debut was on a tribute CD to Adrian Borland and the Sound called IN PASSING, on which we performed "Heyday"--once again, these sites are mistaken.  Our first official release was the DISTRESS CALL EP in early 2001.  We unfortunately did not record anything, play live, or name the band Last Burning Embers until after the passing of our dear friend and original vocalist Ben Voss.

We'll have a more comprehensive history here in the near future.

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